Man Behind The Brand encompasses three simple elements – Fashion, Luxury and Lifestyle.

MBTB was co-founded by Styles and Porter with the sole aim of showcasing fashion in their own unique style. They’re giving young trendy men a voice and creating a new generation of luxury fashion enthusiasts. They pride themselves on their ability to continuously create original ideas, concepts and imagery for all to enjoy.

Styles and Porter’s fixation with footwear began when they met each other working for the most internationally recognised sneaker store in the world. Since then, their enthusiasm for stylish footwear has continued to grow, along with their passion for fashion, which they cultivate and develop ahead of and inline with current fashion trends.

With a vast background in retail and style, they recognised how difficult it could be for people to obtain the items they really want. They’ve now assembled a strong, dynamic and vibrant team who are dedicated to bringing a different approach to the industry. Using social networking they’ve managed to reach out to the public, sourcing and supplying items for their large global network of clients.


Their objective is to create more than just a shop or offer standard fashion services, they wanted to create a new culture in fashion. One that allows people to achieve their own style rather then accepting what is presented in traditional magazines or publications, as this does not necessarily connect with the most important part of fashion – the people.

Behind every shoe, every garment, every accessory and every brand, there is a man expressing himself in his own unique way.

Man Behind The Brand – where fashion is fun and social.