Ferrari Vs Louboutin

After replacing the F430 in 2010 the Ferrari 458 Italia has been an iconic vehicle on streets across the globe With it’s voluptuous curves and distinctive headlights, even the biggest Ferrari critic would find it difficult to fault this vehicles style and presence.

In the fashion world when you think of red there’s one thing that pops into your mind straight away and that’s Christian Louboutin. Worn by celebrities, athletes and the fashion conscious, the recognised red soles are an essential piece of footwear to any wardrobe.

The trademark rouge of Ferrari gave us an idea here at MBTB. We decided to put the iconic red soles of Louboutin with the iconic red car and merge the two together. Both are unique in design, concept and admired by all.

Fashion vs fast cars, red vs red, Louboutin vs Ferrari!