Gucci Ace Sneakers

Gucci have continuously re-invented luxury fashion for the past few seasons. Yet another installment from the italian fashion house has grown enormously popular over the course of this year, the signature Ace sneaker has made a serious comeback. The retro inspired silhouette has become a staple to many wardrobes for both men and women.

They first launched in fall 2016, but the highly sought after sneakers earned a cult following amongst the loyal customers of the luxury brand throughout this year. After numerous restocks and different styles being released constantly the sneaker was a major success. They have featured the sneaker in their upcoming collections, in more variation than previous seasons –  showing how immense the demand for the model is.

The latest pair from their SS18 collection features a comics-inspired GG print embellished all over the sneaker in a red font. Made in Italy, the white leather sneaker features a rubber sole, a red leather detail on the back of the left shoe and green leather detail on the back of the right shoe with ‘Gucci’ embossed in either back tab. This sneaker provides a stylish summer look that will definitely stand out.